Aged Care Sector

NMC specialises in providing support to aged care providers across Victoria to help solve their current challenges, respond to the fast-evolving external environment, plan, and implement mitigation strategies for projected future challenges.

Supporting Providers Thrive in a Changing Environment

As aged care providers evaluate their environment post COVID-19, many are wondering how can they continue to meet the future needs of the community.

Providers are facing consistently increasing pressure of compliance obligations and soaring operating costs, coupled with staff shortages and increased provider competition. This presents the challenge and question – how can we achieve organisational sustainability?

As management consultants, NMC have deep expertise and experience supporting regional aged care providers with establishing strong strategic plans to ensure sustainable growth and longevity in the industry.

NMC have developed an industry-specific initiative, Sustainability Options Analysis, that identifies and validates potential solutions to achieve organisational sustainability. This evidence-based undertaking supports Boards with long-term strategic decision making to ensure the long-term aged care needs of the community are met.

NMC’s Key Services Within the Aged Care Sector

Strategic Planning

Align the organisation’s purpose, assess organisational performance and environmental factors to define strategies that facilitate long term sustainability.

Workforce Optimisation

Align workforce based on business performance considerations to improve employee and customer outcomes,  increasing satisfaction while decreasing operational costs.

Technology Strategy

Develop Technology Strategy and Roadmap to enable Aged Care providers to enhance their technology capability and maturity to generate future operational efficiencies and reduce risk.

Governance Optimisation

Assessing and delivering improvements in governance to increase oversight, reduce risk and drive future success.


Organisation Sustainability

Identify strategic options based on their internal and external environmental factors to ensure organisations are able to thrive and deliver on their purpose


Our Latest Insights From Within The Aged Care Industry

Whilst success could be attributed to a number of considered solutions, most Aged Care providers continue to ask – which solution is the right fit for my organisation?

Case Studies

Strategy, Governance and Option Analysis in Aged Care

Woorayl Lodge Inc.


Ninety Mile Consulting formed a strategic partnership with Woorayl Lodge, Inc., a not-for-profit, for-purpose aged care provider in the Gippsland Region in support of their long term future.

NMC supported the Woorayl Board and CEO to refresh the Woorayl future strategy, uplift governance and provide an options analysis and feasibility study to inform the potential development of a new aged care facility in the Leongatha area.

This critical piece of work included multiple design thinking and strategy workshops to ascertain Woorayl’s customer view and ultimately what services the community owned facility will offer.

Changing demographics in the South Gippsland region due to an influx of tree-changers and remote workers due to COVID-19 prompted NMC to undertake a community consultation exercise to understand what residents of the region and its surrounds expect from aged care providers in future.

NMC engaged with various stakeholders to understand the demographic shift in South Gippsland and Bass Coast Shires to develop a view of what the future of aged care looks like across the regions.

Options Analysis

Echuca Community for the Aged (ECA)


ECA faced challenges in adapting to the evolving aged care sector. Ninety Mile Consulting (NMC) conducted a detailed options analysis to optimise ECA’s assets and operations. The analysis involved financial reviews, stakeholder consultations, and operational assessments.

NMC crafted a suite of strategic options for ECA, encompassing various types of development and asset utilisation strategies. These carefully assessed options included redevelopment models, property acquisitions, and asset reallocation, all designed to enhance ECA’s service provision and financial sustainability.

The comprehensive evaluation process undertaken by NMC ensured that the adopted strategies were well-suited to ECA’s long-term objectives in the aged care sector.

Sales & Marketing Plan

Rose Lodge


Rose Lodge Aged Care in Wonthaggi sought to modernise its sales and marketing approach amidst evolving market dynamics. NMC undeertook a holistic review of their existing strategies, considering new demographic trends and digital opportunities.

NMC’s strategic output included a refined marketing plan, enhanced digital presence tactics, and a sales approach tailored to the unique needs of the community. This comprehensive strategy equips Rose Lodge with the tools to strengthen its market position and expand its reach effectively in the aged care sector.

Options Analysis

Rose Lodge


Rose Lodge Aged Care engaged Ninety Mile Consulting (NMC) to address their need for long-term organisational sustainability amid the sector’s significant transformation.

NMC conducted a comprehensive Options Analysis that evaluated the organisation’s current state against their foundational Purpose and Values. The analysis identified gaps and potential strategic decisions that could promote sustainable growth while serving the evolving community needs.

The collaboration culminated in a detailed, implementable roadmap, positioning Rose Lodge for informed decision-making and continued success.

Five Year Strategy and Plan

Latrobe Valley Village


NMC supported LVV to redefine their strategy and develop their five-year strategic plan.

The program utilised NMC’s three phased program methodology and contained extensive consultation, 4 design thinking workshops with staff and board members and consulted with over 25 key external stakeholders including regional services providers.

This strategy was critical in defining LVV’s future purpose and strategic direction for the provision and delivery of aged care services to their community.

Options Analysis

Prom Country Aged Care


NMC delivered a comprehensive options analysis for Prom Country Aged Care (PCAC) to bolster financial sustainability amidst stringent regulatory frameworks. Confronted with a looming asset and operational challenges, PCAC, through NMC’s counsel, developed six strategic avenues, such as the construction of independent living units, land procurement, and organisational amalgamation.

NMC’s adept financial forecasting and stakeholder dialogue were instrumental in devising a sustainable and progressive trajectory for PCAC.

Technology Strategy and Strategic Planning

Prom Country Aged Care


NMC was engaged by PCAC to redefine their Technology Strategy and generate an uplift Roadmap to enable their) technology capability to generate operational efficiencies and lower risk. A technology roadmap was generated to achieve:

Alignment: Investment in technology must align with specific organisational goals and objectives.

Organisation: Optimise the way in which functions and resources are structured to maximise ROI.

Prioritisation: Establish processes and governance to ensure projects are managed and deployed effectively.

Based on the successful delivery of the technology strategy, NMC is now supporting PCAC in identifying strategic options for long term sustainability.

Technology Strategy and Plan

Yallambee  Traralgon Village for the Aged


NMC team members in conjunction with Quigly solutions supported Yallambee with developing their Technology Strategy and implementation roadmap.

The team facilitate detailed consultations with the Yallambee team and reviewed operational artefacts to define a current technology state and define a level of technology maturity.

Design Think Workshops with the Yallambee staff, Executive team and Board of Directors were used to identify a target future state of technology adoption and maturity.

Options Analysis

Phillip Island Homes for the Aged Assn. Inc. (PIHFA)


NMC supported PHIFA to define and develop options analysis of projects to execute their strategic objectives and enable long-term viability.

The program utilised NMC’s five-phased program methodology over 100 hrs of consultations and meeting, design thinking workshops with staff and board members and consulted with key external stakeholders including regional services providers.

This strategy was critical to aligning their capital investment program and organisation’s future directions.

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