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The NMC team understand the core importance of community values and culture.  We bring together leading consulting methodologies and Subject Matter Experts to support our partners make impactful change for communities

Evolving Government Through Strategic Development

 NMC are management consultants with deep expertise and experience in supporting local government deliver impactful change for their communities. 

We are observing the deepening economic impact and social disruption on both metro and regional communities. Community member’s needs and expectations of their local council are growing, driven by rapid technology advances seen in other sectors and industries. Local government bodies must continue to focus on understanding the needs of their community more than ever.

Local governments are stepping up in major emerging policy areas, playing a key role in liveable communities, developing thriving economies, enhancing roads and transport infrastructure, and leading local pandemic recovery. However, each of these roles requires a sustained, coordinated, and effective approach.

NMC has extensive experience in supporting partners with service model reviews, strategic planning development, implementing digital transformations and uplifting community engagement.

NMC’s Key Services within the Government Sector

Strategic Planning

Outcomes based strategic planning ensuring Local Governments  deliver positive impact to their communities through implementable actions with clear measures of success.

Aligning to the Council Plan

Implementation and alignment of the organisation to the council plan through the development of clear road maps and KPIs ensuring developed strategies come to life and deliver impact to the community.


Technology Strategy

Technology strategy in shaping the vision, strategy and roadmap for IT transformation, combined with a change-management plan to support staff in building an awareness and desire for change.


Service & Program Reviews

Review of programs through evidence based analysis of efficiency and effectiveness across multiple lens by means of a maturity assessment, with community at the centre of all findings.

Community Engagement

Facilitating deep engagement with the community through one-on-one stakeholder engagement, community forums, workshops and digital engagement to ensure community is heard.

Optimisation & Efectiveness

Optimisation of Directorates and Teams through Lean Six Sigma methodologies across all layers of the operating model to increase effectiveness, maximise staff engagement and achieve more with less.


Our Latest Insights From Within The Government Sector

With Victoria’s changing population demographic, budget constraints, and economic transitions, there has been strong demand and expectation from local organisations and communities for greater support to be provided by suburban and regional councils.

Case Studies

Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan

South Gippsland Shire Council


Ninety Mile Consulting were engaged by the South Gippsland Shire Council to support them with the development of their 2022-2025 Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plan. NMC were originally tasked with understanding how both internal and external stakeholders were working towards the previous health and wellbeing priorities across the region. However, with the impact of COVID-19, priorities inevitably shifted.

In order to gain increased understanding of South Gippsland’s current health and wellbeing state, NMC engaged with over 30 external organisations in the area, and multiple internal stakeholders at the council to gain clarity of where the community currently stood.

NMC utilised the Victorian Health and Wellbeing Plan to guide the priorities. NMC coupled these priorities with a scoring methodology that would ultimately allow SGSC to identify their stakeholders’ health and wellbeing focus.

Local Government Strategic Alignment

South Gippsland Shire Council

As management consultants with deep expertise and experience in local government, NMC were engaged by the  South Gippsland Shire Council to optimise their Economy and Community Department by means of a complete departmental review and transformation design.

With the release of their new Council Plan, the Directorate had a requirement to meet the changing needs of the community and an internal desire for organisational improvement.  The Department engaged NMC to undertake an organisational review, and co-design an optimised future state.

A detailed evaluation of the Department’s current performance by means of a balanced scorecard maturity assessment and guided by NMC’s Operating Model Framework was completed identifying organisational gaps and potential opportunities for improvement.  Detail co-design by means of Design Thinking Workshop were completed with the Departments Team, identifying a desired future state and clear roadmap for implementation.

Community Transport Services Review

South Gippsland Shire Council

In 2021 the South Gippsland Shire Council engaged NMC in order to seek a detailed understanding of the community’s transport needs and their expectations.  Additionally their was a requirement to analyse the effectiveness of the Council’s existing community transport services and investigate any opportunities that exist to refine its service or improve or advocate for, improvements in the delivery of community transport services across the region.

NMC undertook a balanced score card methodology to review the current performance of the transport services and a detailed community engagement to best ascertain their needs.  After a comprehensive external environmental analysis NMC identified three potential future states for community transport with detailed modelling of each option as recommendations for the Councillors.

Regional Victorian Workforce Research

Deakin University

In partnership with Deakin University, Ninety Mile Consulting is providing regional Victorian organisations with a workforce tool that works as a comparative benchmark for attracting and retaining talent and equip them with data that will create more successful and efficient recruitment processes.

NMC and Deakin are undertaking a comprehensive quality and quantifiable research by means of face-to-face consultations with CEOs and Human Capital leads of medium and large organisation throughout Victoria.  This research has identifed workforce trends that correlate with geography, industry, skill & qualifications level and proximity to Melbourne.

NMC and Deakin have begun to circulate their findings and will continue to present them around regional Victoria in 2024.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Destination Phillip Island

Destination Phillip Island partners with several hundred local businesses and organisations to promote the development of sustainable tourism, supporting infrastructure and services in the Phillip Island and San Remo region.

As a result of both organic and inorganic changes impacting the Bass Coast region, the Tourism Industry is requiring a targeted Workforce Plan to meet the needs of the fast growing and changing visitor economy.

NMC are implementing a three-phased strategic plan program comprising of a current performance & environment review, future state design and implementation plan. To re-focus of DPI’s workforce strategic direction internal & external consultation with stakeholders will be undertaken, including an open survey and a design thinking workshop. The analysis and findings will form the basis for the 5 year workforce plan.  NMC will also use the consultations to develop Case Studies for the plan, based on regional organisations and overlay with findings from other regions within Australia.

Infrastructure Maintenance Department Review

South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC)


Following a restructuring of its infrastructure maintenance department, South Gippsland Shire Council sought to review its operations to identify efficiencies and enhancement opportunities.

NMC led a comprehensive Infrastructure Maintenance Review, which involved a detailed examination of the council’s infrastructure maintenance operations, focusing on optimising service delivery and aligning with strategic goals.

Through in-depth analysis and stakeholder consultations, NMC developed strategies to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, significantly contributing to the council’s overall service improvement and strategic alignment.

Infrastructure Maintenance Department Review

Bass Coast Shire Council


NMC are partnering with Bass Coast Shire Council to review and enhance their Infrastructure Maintenance Department.

Addressing the challenge of aligning and optimizing the department for efficient and future-proofed service delivery, NMC employed a multi-phased approach. This included reviewing current services, analysing processes, evaluating alternative models, and developing a dynamic strategy and implementation plan, all structured to streamline operations and meet future service delivery needs effectively.

Early Years Roadmap and Workforce Strategy

Murrindindi Shire Council

NMC have partnered with Murrindindi Shire Council to navigate the evolving landscape of early childhood services, prompted by Victoria’s ‘Best Start, Best Life’ reforms. With a focus on sustainable workforce and infrastructure development, NMC’s approach addresses key challenges such as unmet demand, facility constraints, and workforce shortages.

In collaboration with local stakeholders, NMC is crafting a multi-faceted strategy that anticipates future demands, ensuring the council’s readiness for an influx of service requirements. This preparation includes a blend of current performance assessments and future-focused planning, positioning the Murrindindi Shire as a model for adapting to educational reforms.

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Early Years Service Brief: Alpine Resorts Victoria

Early Years Service Brief: Alpine Resorts Victoria


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