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Ninety Mile Consulting provides tailored solutions to enhance healthcare systems and services in regional areas. We address critical challenges such as workforce shortages, access to services, and the burden of chronic diseases through strategic planning, workforce optimisation, and clinical services planning. Our co-design methodology ensures that our strategies are practical, sustainable, and community-focused, leading to improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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Evolving Health Care Through Strategic Development

Ninety Mile Consulting (NMC) specialises in addressing the distinctive challenges of regional healthcare by innovating strategic and workforce solutions that benefit healthcare organisations and the communities they serve. Understanding context-specific challenges such as limited access to specialised services and resource constraints, NMC is focused on enhancing healthcare delivery systems to ensure high-quality care is available to all.

Our strategy encompasses a collaborative framework, engaging directly with healthcare organisations and community to refine their strategic direction and optimise local capabilities and address local health challenges. This comprehensive approach ensures not only the advancement of healthcare services but also strengthens the organisational resilience and efficiency of healthcare providers in regional Victoria, paving the way for sustainable healthcare improvements and broader community well-being.

NMC’s Key Healthcare Sector Capabilities

Workforce Strategies

Empowering healthcare organisations to become employers of choice through innovative recruitment and retention strategies, focusing on attracting and nurturing top talent to ensure enduring excellence in healthcare delivery.

Strategic Planning

Charting the course for the future of healthcare delivery with comprehensive strategic planning services, including a thorough review and refinement of goals, objectives, and success metrics to prime your organisation for success and sustainability.

Clinical Services Planning

Crafting forward-looking clinical services roadmaps perfectly aligned with your strategic vision, designed to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the community while pinpointing the critical dependencies and enablers necessary for successful execution.


Health Programs & Initiatives

Creating impactful health programs and initiatives rooted in evidence-based analysis and robust community engagement, ensuring that each program is not only implementable but also delivers meaningful outcomes to the communities you serve.


Performance Optimisation

Elevating your organisation’s performance through comprehensive review and optimisation services, analysing current operations and designing an optimised future state across people, processes, and technology to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Strategy Implementation

Transforming strategic visions into reality with bespoke roadmaps and KPI development, providing the support needed for effective change management and ensuring that strategies are implemented through clear, actionable steps that drive tangible improvements.

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Case Studies

Strategic Plan and Implementation

Gippsland Southern Health Service


NMC supported the Gippsland Southern Health Service to design and implement their five-year strategic plan.

The program utilised NMC’s three phased program methodology over 100 hrs of consultations and meetings, 5 design thinking workshops with staff and board members, consulted with over 20 key external stakeholders and significant community engagement.  As part of the project, NMC undertook one-on-one consultations with all external stakeholders including all CEOs of SGC sub-regional partnership.

This strategy was critical to aligning their capital investment program, meet the changing service needs of the South Gippsland Community and continuing their cultural reform.

Mental Health Services Future State Design

Bass Coast Health


NMC supported Bass Coast Health to partner with key health providers across the Bass Coast & South Gippsland region (Gippsland Southern Health Service, Kooweerup Regional Health Service, and South Gippsland Hospital) to meet the mental health needs of the South Gippsland Coast community.

Recently, the Victorian Mental Health Royal Commission (MHRC) report released 65 recommendations for the future of mental health services. Highlighted themes predominantly surrounded increased access and overcoming the workforce challenges. NMC supported the sub-regional partnership to develop a plan that will improve mental health capabilities/services into the sub-region and implement the MHRC recommendations.

This resulted in the uplift of the organisations’ workforce strategies, implementable plans (both short-term and long-term) and the improvement of mental health service accessibility for the region.

Strategic Plan

Orbost Regional Health


NMC are in the final stages of supporting Orbost Regional Health with the development of their five year strategic plan.

NMC have undertaken a comprehensive review of the providers performance against their previous strategy and detailed analysis of their external environment.

NMC also undertook a comprehensive stakeholder engagement activity which include a community survey, community consultation, internal stakeholder consultations and  external stakeholder consultations.

The resultant strategy define the organisation’s purpose, goals, objectives and actions.

Clinical Services Plan

Bass Coast Health


NMC supported Bass Coast Health in developing their Clinical Services Plan for 2021-2025. This comprehensive plan, structured across multiple phases, involved a thorough review of existing services, extensive stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning.

NMC’s expertise were instrumental in shaping a future-focused roadmap, aligning with community needs and ensuring sustainable service growth and quality improvement for Bass Coast Health. This collaboration underscores NMC’s commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and services in the region.

Workforce Redesign and Culture Uplift

West Gippsland Endoscopy & Gippsland Gastro


NMC were engaged by West Gippsland Endoscopy & Gippsland Gastro to undertake a review of their workforce to address significant culture issues and design a workforce strategy to underpin the future needs of the organisation.

Analysis of the organisation identified the deficiency of numerous workforce elements and process that should be present and a clear direction for the workforce.

NMC delivered a detailed workforce strategy and execution plan that covered, organisational design, success criteria, critical process to be mapped/hardened, a new multi site organisational design, identified supporting recommended technology and a retention plan.

Prevention and Population Health Strategy

Gippsland Region Public Health Unit (GRPHU)


NMC successfully completed a pivotal project with GRPHU. This project entailed a comprehensive development of the Prevention and Population Health Strategy.

NMC’s role was crucial in facilitating strategic workshops, engaging stakeholders, and integrating community feedback into the strategic design.

NMC’s expertise contributed significantly to shaping a responsive and effective health strategy tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Gippsland community.

Early Childhood Development Strategy

Latrobe Health Assembly (LHA)


NMC played a crucial role in Latrobe Health Assembly’s Early Childhood Development project, focusing on enhancing services for children aged 0-8.

This comprehensive project involved identifying challenges, consulting stakeholders, and leveraging data to inform strategic actions. NMC’s expertise facilitated the development of targeted initiatives, addressing key areas such as safety, health, education, and overall well-being for children in the Latrobe Valley.

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Healthcare Capability Statement

Healthcare Capability Statement

STRATEGIC RESPONSES TO REGIONAL CHALLENGES Healthcare in regional Australia is currently facing critical challenges, including significant workforce shortages, limited access to services due to vast geographical distances, and a higher burden of chronic diseases...

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