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Introduction to Our Regional Workforce Research


Ninety Mile Consulting (NMC) presents a comprehensive analysis aimed at understanding and addressing the workforce challenges in regional Victoria. This report is the culmination of rigorous research, including interviews with over 100 CEOs from diverse industries throughout regional Victoria, providing a detailed overview of the current employment landscape, demographic shifts, housing challenges, and the evolving needs of the regional workforce.

Key Findings and Strategic Recommendations:

  1. Generational Workforce Transition: The report identifies a notable shift towards a younger workforce demographic, emphasising the importance of strategies that cater to their expectations and career aspirations.
  2. Housing Affordability and Availability: Insights into the housing crisis offer a clear view of its impact on talent attraction. The report suggests innovative approaches to mitigate this challenge and enhance recruitment efforts.
  3. Retention Strategies: The analysis reveals successful practices employed by regional organizations to retain talent, highlighting the role of employee engagement, development programs, and community integration in fostering a loyal workforce.
  4. Educational Partnerships: The significance of collaborations with educational institutions is discussed, providing a pathway for creating a sustainable talent pipeline and addressing skill shortages effectively.
  5. CEO Insights: Drawing from the experiences of over 100 CEOs, the report offers a unique perspective on overcoming workforce challenges through strategic leadership and innovative practices.

This report serves as a critical resource for regional organisations, providing evidence-based insights and practical recommendations to strengthen workforce attraction and retention. It encourages a strategic approach to workforce development, emphasising the need for adaptability, community engagement, and proactive leadership to navigate the complex dynamics of regional employment.


For regional leaders dedicated to achieving a competitive and sustainable workforce, this report offers valuable guidance and solutions. Access the full insights by downloading the report below:

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